December Mission-New & Gently Used Toy Drive

December 11th-15th

Life Moves

While the number of homeless in the United States has declined for the third consecutive year, a federal survey highlighted a troubling reality in Santa Clara County.

The region’s homeless problem remains among the worst in the nation. In Santa Clara County, the cost of living is nearly 50% higher than the national average. With such high housing costs, many people earning minimum wage live on the brink of homelessness.

In a detailed report released by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, San Jose/Santa Clara County posted the nation’s fifth-highest homeless population. It also ranked among the places with the most chronically homeless and homeless children and young adults.

In January of 2015, Santa Clara County conducted a count and found 6,556 people homeless in our County. 71% of those were unsheltered, living on streets, in parks, encampments or other places not meant for human habitation.

These facts and the falling temperatures are just some of the many reasons we chose January’s Mission to be focused on “Clothing the homeless”.  Take a look at what we will be doing this month and join along, however, you can…


With more than 40 years of service and experience in successfully serving homeless families and individuals, LifeMoves is the largest and most effective nonprofit committed to ending the cycle of homelessness for families and individuals in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Their successful and multi-faceted therapeutic service model combines clean, modern housing with intensive supportive services that promote dignity and respectfully motivate our clients to achieve autonomy.

LifeMoves programs combat homelessness today – and tomorrow – by teaching comprehensive life skills that help their clients achieve long-term self-sufficiency, and effectively break the cycle of homelessness.

Their innovative and effective program model helps clients understand the root cause of their homelessness. The Lifemoves program requires accountability from our clients and helps them to refocus on developing core competencies they need to succeed for the long-term.

Similarly, their in-depth children’s programming provides academic support to bridge achievement gaps. They support their physical and mental health by addressing the extensive traumatic issues caused by homelessness. Their focus is on maximizing opportunities for homeless youth to help them mature into self-sufficient adults and to end intergenerational poverty which leads to homelessness.

Through these carefully designed programs – and with the support of 225 employees and over 15,000 dedicated volunteers – LifeMoves is able to serve 9,636 homeless clients throughout the Bay and to provide 244,801 nights of shelter annually.

The impact of LifeMoves programs and services is tremendous: typically, more than 92% of families and 78% of individuals completing LifeMoves transitional programs successfully returned to stable housing and self-sufficiency.


  • Collect New & Gently Used Toys.
    • Please make sure any used toys have all parts, are in good shape and in working order.

   **All items will be sorted, inspected and distributed to LifeMoves   

  • Drop off all your collected items. // There will be a bin near the office at Guadalupe Elementary School the week of December 11th-15th. After school on Tuesday, December 12th and Thursday, December 14th, we will be collecting items near the pickup area in front of the school. We are also happy to come get your donation items from you and drop them off as well. Email us at


Examples of how Rachel & Sue will be putting this Monthly Mission into action:

  • Having our children go through the toys they have outgrown, no longer use or that they feel other children would enjoy. 
  • Post your collection in neighborhood sites like Facebook or NextDoor
  • Taking a wagon around our neighborhoods with our kids after school collecting from neighbors.
  • Reaching out to our immediate social circles; i.e. Girl Scout Troop, Gymnastics Gym, School Board, Hockey Team and Book Club
  • Take a peek at our socials throughout the month to see what else we are doing to participate in raising a Kind generation. Use our hashtag, #kindcooperative, to follow along AND tag us so we can see how you are making the world a little more kind.

***We will be closing out our December mission on Friday, December 15th.


If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation instead you can do so HEREWant to know where your money is going? Here is some information about the LifeMoves for your review:

2014-2015 Annual report: HERE

Companies that sponsor LifeMoves: Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Genentech, Kaiser, Microsoft, Visa and much more! For a list of Corporate Sponsors click HERE.

Thank you and check back soon for our next Monthly Mission!


Making Dreams Real with the Princess Project


November Mission: Making Dreams Come True with the Princess Project

The Princess Project believes in making dreams real every day, and we are incredibly proud to help volunteer with our Silicon Valley chapter.

Our community is always asking how they can help. If you are unable to get hands on with their teens, we encourage you to support this cause by sending a teen to prom with just $25. Every little bit helps and we believe that we can make a difference together.

Giving Tuesday is a national philanthropic effort that reminds us to stay grateful and give back when Black Friday, Shop Small Saturday, and Cyber Monday are upon us. We would love your support, please give early and often. Facebook will waive fees and match donations that actually occur on Giving Tuesday (11/28) so mark your calendars. Thanks!

More about what they do…

The Princess Project is a 100% volunteer-run effort that provides free
prom dresses and accessories to Silicon Valley teens who could not otherwise afford them.

Every year they seek and receives hundreds of beautiful dresses from individual donors, corporations and fundraisers.

After they receive all of the dresses and accessories, the wonderful volunteers organize them for the dress giveaway event.

During the dress giveaway, hundreds of teens from all over the Bay Area (sometimes even farther) come and find their perfect dress to make their prom dreams real!

They are a small but mighty group. They have full time jobs, are parents, and run a million miles a minute to keep up with Silicon Valley’s fast paced environment.

We’ve seen their smiling faces. Read their words of hope and thanks, praising the positive and uplifting environment we build for them where they feel safe and beautiful.

Please join us by supporting their efforts, making even more dreams come true.


May Mission – Spreading Literacy


Literacy and instilling a love of reading is so important in the lives of our youth. Books teach us, take us away from the mundane and connect us to a world much bigger than ourselves. Reading is a large part of our families lives and we want to help spread the gift of books to others.



This month’s mission is a little different than our past missions. We do not have a particular focus group, but rather a target action……spread literacy.  Our goal is to collect books in good condition. They can be kids books, board books, picture books, novels, anthologies…..really, any books! We will sort them and donate them to different organizations who will find them as wonderful as the original owners.

  • Collect books…glorious books…books of all types from now until June 4th, 2017
  • Ask friends and families.
  • Come to Our book sorting party….June 4th at 10 am.
  • Drop off all your collected items. // You can drop off your books at The Finding Kindness Project drop-off location: 14685 Oka Road, Los Gatos, CA 95032 OR email us for pick-up. We are happy to come get your books for you and drop them off as well. Email us at


Examples of how Rachel & Sue will be putting this Monthly Mission into action:

  • Cleaning out our family book shelves.
  • Tell family and friends…Ask them to go through their books as well.
  • Purchase your favorite book to donate
  • Take a peek at our socials throughout the month to see what else we are doing to participate in raising a Kind generation. Use our hashtag, #kindcooperative, to follow along AND tag us so we can see how you are making the world a little more kind.

If you have ideas of organizations or charities that would love book donations….please message us your ideas. Your ideas are valuable to the kindness cooperative’s missions.

Thank you and stay tuned for our next mission.


Super Guadalupe River 5K Recap

Last weekend Rachel’s family and I had the opportunity to participate in the Super Guadalupe River Run 5K.

This is such a fun and easy way to get the family outdoors, moving together and support the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy at the same timeAll the money for participation goes to supporting the parks and the conservancy. My little family had been taken down by the flu the previous week so not all of us were able to make it, but luckily, we were still able to make a donation by registering on their behalf.

There were three options for races; 1K – for the kids, 5K – for the walkers or new to running folks, and a 10K – for the seasoned runners. We, as a group, opted for the 5K so the kids could run with Rachel’s husband, Francisco, and this lady could try to keep up with speed-walker Rachel. LOL…

The race was fun and only the 2nd 5K I have ever participated in, and the first for my son, Brayden, and I believe the first for Rachel and her family. The kids were so excited to get their racing bibs and then at the end, their t-shirts and their very own fancy race medals! I know with my son, who is super competitive, this lit a spark for him and he has been asking to do another 5K ever since!

After we completed the race we were able to enjoy the Rotary Play Garden that was located right next door to the race day activities. I have been wanting to check out this new park for a while now and glad we did because it was not only a big hit with the kids, but it was so beautiful to look at and the story behind it really touched my heart.

The Rotary Play Garden is one of the few public parks in Santa Clara County where children with special needs can play on the playground equipment alongside their families and friends without disabilities. The $6 million Play Garden enables children with special needs to play alongside their siblings and friends and is maintained by Guadalupe River Park Conservancy staff and volunteers, in-kind donations, and fee-for-service contracts.

We were able to talk to the kids about how the money we spent to purchase our registration for the race was not only supporting the land we saw while on the race, but parks like the Rotary Play Garden that enriches the lives of kids like them and those with disabilities that traditional parks aren’t properly equipped for.

All in all, I would say that the morning was a HUGE success and hopefully next year we can do it all again!

Below you will find some pictures from the race and the Rotary Play Garden. Enjoy! #kindcooperative