Meet the Creators


Rachel lives in San Jose, CA with her magnificent husband, Francisco, of 13 years. Together they have created two beautiful, headstrong daughters; Bianca – 7 years old and Mia – 5 years old. Her daughters are two of her greatest accomplishments and the toughest, yet most forgiving teachers in her life thus far. She has a background in teaching, real estate appraisal and property management. She began her teaching career with 2nd grade, but found her true home teaching alternative education at the highschool level.  Rachel also worked as a residential real estate appraiser performing inspections and report writing for home valuations in Sonoma County. After having her 1st child, she left teaching and real estate and  moved to San Jose to be the 3rd generations managing and maintaining her family’s properties. Her daughters are what drove her to co-create The Finding Kindness Project.

Being a good role model to her daughters and demonstrating thoughtfulness toward others are core principles in Rachel’s life. She strives to be the best person she can be and transfer, through action, these same principals to her daughters. She tries to not live in the past or dwell on her mistakes. We are all human and mistakes are inevitable.  It is how we learn and move on from these mistakes that defines us as a person.



Sue lives in San Jose, CA with her loving husband, Brett, of 11 years. Together they brought two hilarious, yet strong-willed children into the world; Brayden – 9 years old and Barrett – 7 years old. She has a background in Baking & Pastry Arts and worked as a Pastry Chef and Commercial Baker for over 15 years. She also has a 10 + year background in Blogging, Web Management and Social Media Consulting. She is currently staying at home to raise her two silly kids and their even sillier pup, Sadie. Putting her heart and soul into raising kind and socially conscious children is the driving force behind her co-creation of The Finding Kindness Project.

Exposing her children to Kindness and Gratitude on a daily basis is her main focus. She lives by the motto: “You don’t need a reason to be kind”, and always jokes that Kindness is her superpower. She fights to live her life in a manner that when she leaves this earth, she knows it will be better because she was there to make changes through her children and her community. No matter how small the change, she truly believes the impact will be felt.