February Mission – Land & Resource Conservation

Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

Guadalupe River Park is a three-mile ribbon of park land that runs along the banks of the Guadalupe River in the heart of downtown San Jose from Highway 880 in the north, to Highway 280 in the south. It is a resource of regional importance to the people of Santa Clara County and the Bay Area. It is composed of many different areas, all of which are summarized and linked below.


In the dense urban environment of downtown San Jose, the trails, parks, and plazas of the Guadalupe River Park and Gardens not only serve to enjoy and preserve natural ecology, they offer residents and visitors a multitude of ways to recreate, relax, discover and enjoy.

Ride, walk, run or skate 2.6 miles of trails. Enjoy the public art. Attend a festival, watch the birds, or romp in a playground. Stop and smell the roses, there are 3,700 varieties to choose from in the Heritage Rose Garden. See the fruit trees that put this valley on the map in the Historic Orchard. Explore the latest in drought tolerant landscaping in the Courtyard Garden. Or cultivate your own plot in the Guadalupe Community Garden. Take a rest at one of the seven Sister City seating areas to simply watch the river flow. Don’t forget to stop by the Visitor Center to sign up for a class, pick up a map, and check out our local wildlife displays.


Top Ten Reasons to Support Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

We: (in no particular order)

  1. Operate the all-access Rotary PlayGarden with the goal of maintaining the cleanest and safest place to play in the South Bay.
  2. Connect children to nature by providing field trips with hands-on STEAM activities tied to state standards.
  3. Advocate for the expansion and upkeep of the downtown trail – the backbone of the city’s trail network.
  4. Leverage private resources – grants, major gifts, and corporate sponsorships – to support the completion and programming of the park and gardens.
  5. Produce excellent events — Pumpkins in the Park and Super Guadalupe River Run – that get people into the park and enhance the quality of life in San Jose.
  6. Maintain a presence with civic leaders and local elected officials to champion a vision for the park and appropriate maintenance and security levels.
  7. Provide leadership for a bold new vision for San Jose’s central park that includes gorgeous gardens, iconic artwork, family friendly trails, and active and passive recreation amenities.
  8. Give tours for children and adults, supplying information on flora and fauna, history, and public art.
  9. Pay for the ongoing operating costs of the Visitor Center, freeing up city resources for other projects.
  10. Coordinate the upkeep of the Heritage Rose Garden and Historic Orchard, providing useful projects and a fulfilling experience for individual and corporate workday volunteers.

A message from the members of the Conservancy:

WE ARE the volunteers, citizens, business people, and board members who give our time and talents to act as stewards for Guadalupe River Park and Gardens. We are the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy.

WE SEE an active, iconic, world-class central park. Our vision encompasses gardens, trails and parks where natives and visitors alike can enjoy open spaces and natural habitats. We see a hub for social interaction, a retreat from urban life, and a place to come together for education, to honor our heritage, for colorful festivals and for physical fitness. We see our unique urban parkland as a flowing ribbon of opportunity – for our economic stimulation, and enhancing the quality of our lives. We see our park as the living centerpiece of a thriving San Jose.

WE CONNECT people with the park. We manage volunteers, we activate programs, we raise awareness, and with that, we raise funds. With careful consideration of The City’s needs, we spearhead and execute the completion of the Guadalupe River Park’s Master Plan.

We are the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy. Welcome to your park.



This month’s mission is a one-day event filled with a heart pumping walk/run on SuperBowl Sunday through the downtown Guadalupe River Parks! Get your day started on the right foot!

  • The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy is hosting the Super Guadalupe River Run. You can either participate in a 1k (for kiddos), a 5k (3.1 miles) or a 10k (6.2 miles). You can register by clicking HERE.
  • Click HERE for more race info and map.
  • If you are a go-getter you can get people to sponsor you to run the race and support the conservancy and the jewels of our downtown area. Check it out HERE for more info.
  • Finally…..come join us on race day! If you would like to walk with us…just pop us an email and we will pick a meeting spot.
  • If you can’t make the race don’t fret! Get your friends and family together and enjoy the parks and explore what they have to offer throughout the whole month of February!


Examples of how Rachel & Sue will be putting this Monthly Mission into action:

  • Putting on our walking shoes….making our families to the same and get out there on race day. Our families have chosen to do the 5k!
  • Tell family and friends…form a walking posse and soak in some fresh air while exploring our beautiful downtown parks….see what we have been missing.
  • Message us and join us for the walk!
  • Take a peek at our socials throughout the month to see what else we are doing to participate in raising a Kind generation. Use our hashtag, #kindcooperative, to follow along AND tag us so we can see how you are making the world a little more kind.


  • If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation instead you can do so HERE. 
  • Want to become a member of to the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy? Check out all it’s benefits HERE. 
  • How about taking a class? Gardening, painting, local plant identification, nature walks and more! Check out all of the educational opportunities the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy provides HERE
  • Want to know who else supports the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy? HERE is some information about Guadalupe River Park Conservancy sponsors for your review.

Thank you and We will be posting March Mission Soon!

The Finding Kindness Project aims to bring communities and families together through social action; big or small.

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