Land & Resource Conservation

Guadalupe River Park Conservancy

About: The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy provides community leadership for the development and active use of the Guadalupe River Park & Gardens through education, advocacy, and stewardship.

Past efforts by the Guadalupe River Park Conservancy contributed to collaboration among government agencies and community interest groups seeking to solve problems related to the Guadalupe River flood control project. The Guadalupe River Park Conservancy is continually involved in completing the master plans for both the park and gardens, creating educational programs, promoting awareness of the Park & Gardens, and developing membership and volunteer opportunities to increase public support and involvement.

Who They Serve:  The community and those who visit Guadalupe Parks & Gardens  

Ways to Help: Monetary donationsBecome a volunteerAdopt a RoseBecome a Trail Ambassador

Financial Info: Unable to be located. Sponsors are listed HERE.